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Etienne Louvet (Founder & CEO), saw a huge gap in logistics when he spent the lockdown with his family in a rural French village. Considering that 3.5B people worldwide face the same issue, he knew something had to be done. Before IONA, no one had solved the low volume logistics problem, leaving many non-urban communities behind.

With a team of experts in aerospace, robotics and autonomous systems and supported by top partners like Cranfield University, Techstars LA and The National Robotarium, IONA created the first solution service that meets the needs and regulations of rural deliveries.


In September 2022, Richard Lochhead MSP, officialised its support of an IONA delivery trial in in his constituency. He has been fighting unfair delivery charges for many years, like in 2018 at the UK Parliament.“The plans put forward by Iona are ambitious and could revolutionize the way deliveries are carried out in rural areas by showcasing a new tech solution to this problem, so I’m keen to work with Iona and other stakeholders to look at a trial of this system here in Moray.”