Martyr's Bay - Isle of Iona, Scotland

While the new economy relies more heavily on logistics, traditional methods with vans and drivers are only possible with high condensed volume. In rural areas, winding routes, complex terrains and scattered delivery points make the process slow and energy-intensive, which turns out to be expensive as labour and fuel expenses account for up to 85% of total costs.

Local providers take over the last mile to mitigate costs in some locations, charging £2 to £6 per parcel resulting in surcharges for end-users, while others simply still can't access home delivery. The situation slows down the local economy and under-serves rural market segments.

IONA are a local provider 2.0, as our solution works the same way as current local providers with B2B contracts for outsourced last-mile and on-demand services for individuals and businesses, but using a modular fleet of drones instead of half-empty oversized vans.

Users can collect and drop parcels in the closest IONA Hubs, or at scale directly from home. Also, drones are trained to operate with hubs as a ready-to-be-used solution which reduces implementation work to the minimum.

IONA Sonnet Quad (Delivery Drone) flying over a Scottish Harbour (3D)

In September 2022, Richard Lochhead MSP, officialised its support of an IONA delivery trial in in his constituency. He has been fighting unfair delivery charges for many years, like in 2018 at the UK Parliament (right).

“The plans put forward by Iona are ambitious and could revolutionize the way deliveries are carried out in rural areas by showcasing a new tech solution to this problem, so I’m keen to work with Iona and other stakeholders to look at a trial of this system here in Moray.” Richard Lochhead, Moray MSP.

IONA Beetle (Delivery Drone) flying over a Scottish Harbour (3D)
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