IONA developed the first drone solution that meets the needs and regulations for rural logistics, enabling efficient and sustainable autonomous deliveries anywhere and for everybody.

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IONA develops an autonomous and electric local logistics network using drones and local hubs to enable efficient and sustainable point-to-point and direct deliveries anywhere and for everybody.

The isle of Iona is a remote area, next to the Isle of Mull in Scotland. Its landscapes and people are welcoming but its logistics is extremely complex.

Our mission statement is to empower rural areas and enable service availability where volumes, environment or population density usually prevent operations.
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Rural Logistics

Millions of people don't access delivery, or must pay high delivery surcharges for a very basic service.A recent Scottish Parliament's Report revealed that 1 million Scottish were experiencing denial of service or "postcode penalties" (1/5 of the population).The problem is global, affecting an estimated 5M people in the UK and 100M in Europe. It slows down the local economy and marginalise communities.

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IONA is revolutionising logistics with zero-emission autonomous drone networks. Our Sonnet Quad UAV carries up to 10kg over 70km in a 90L volume, expandable to 20kg over 130km with larger batteries. It's the result of a unique blend of aerodynamic design and flight control, featuring a tilting rotor mechanism and patented geometry, achieving four times the efficiency of existing models. This means extended range, larger cargo capacity, and significantly lower costs and CO2 emissions.
IONA wins the Transport Research and Innovation Grants (TRIG) 2022 programme (DfT)

IONA is joining Carbon13 - the leading Climate Tech Accelerator in the UK 🌱
IONA was granted its Design IP for the ground-breaking Sonnet Quad (eV-STOL) drone! 🎉🚀


The company was incorporated in October 2021 by Etienne Louvet, ex-Cleantech/Deeptech Consultant, who has been quickly joined by a team of experts and innovators to develop the technology.
Prestigious partners supports the company: incubated at AVIATE + / Cranfield University and The National Robotarium, the team also received funding from the UK Department of Transport and Aerospace UP (European Regional Development Fund).
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