IONA discloses the design of it's first Sonnet Quad UAV, an eVSTOL for day-to-day logistics.

It's with great pleasure that finally disclose - a small part - of the technology that we have been working on for a few months now. The Sonnet Quad is the most efficient design for a cargo UAV and has been developed for local day-to-day logistics. It thrives precisely where delivery vans struggle, and its modularity opens a myriad of business opportunities.

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Franco British Award 2022 - New Business Award

IONA receives the New Business Award from Valtus!

Yesterday, received the New Business Award. with this choice, is helping us to get closer to our mission: removing 50Mt of CO2 emissions per year in the UK (and in France/Europe very soon) with a fully autonomous local logistics network that unlocks rural areas' potential.

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IONA Beetle (Drone) flying over a lake to deliver (3D)

IONA's CEO interviewed by

"I believe that likely 30% of the global population could be served by autonomous drone networks in 20 years. This is, in most countries, the percentage of rural and suburban residents for which it makes sense to do so considering the energy and costs involved. For instance, last-mile delivery is a £1.4Bn market just in Scotland, where 1M people experience delivery surcharges (£45M in 2021) or can’t access delivery."

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IONA Beetle (Drone) flying over a lake to deliver (3D)

New partners and supports for IONA!

IONA joins the Barclays Eagle Labs incubator at Cranfield University as well as the NVIDIA Inception Program. Also, The National Robotarium in Edinburgh will host a Robotics R&D Centre.

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IONA Beetle (Drone) flying over a lake to deliver (3D)

Moray Council announces its full support to IONA!

“The plans put forward by Iona are ambitious and could revolutionize the way deliveries are carried out in rural areas by showcasing a new tech solution to this problem, so I’m keen to work with Iona and other stakeholders to look at a trial of this system here in Moray.” Richard Lochhead, Moray MSP.

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IONA Beetle (Drone) flying over a lake to deliver (3D)

The impacts of poor logistics in rural areas (and what can we do) - Climate Talk Series #1

Logistics is not about getting your groceries in 10mn instead of 15mn. Especially in rural areas, it fights social marginalization and climate change by reducing car dependency, stimulates the local economy by expanding local businesses' customer base and saves households £1,000/year by offering them more choice.

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IONA Drones - Beetle (Drone) flying over a lake to deliver (3D)

IONA is LBS Ventures Spotlight!

We are proud to appear in #LBSVenturesSpolight this month, to discuss how drone technologies can fight #RuralMarginalization and #ClimateChange.

Thanks to the Entrepreneurship and Private Capital at London Business School, more specifically to Federico Brath, Nina Cardelús Vilalta and Ankush Thakkar for this interview!

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IONA is an impact for profit startup developing zero-emission delivery drones for logistics

New article: Drone delivery will keep your planet clean (and your inner child happy)

IONA believes that drones can help low-density areas access qualitative, sustainable and affordable deliveries.

We fight rural marginalization and climate change with an impact-for-profit start-up. In this article, the CEO highlights unexpected findings the team had along the way. Quick talk about a very trendy topic: is innovation necessarily progress?

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IONA's CEO (Etienne Louvet) pitching at London Business School during a Social Impact Panel

IONA at London Business School

Pitch session in January at LBS, with great entrepreneurs and start-ups as part of a social impact panel 🌱

Thank you to the Entrepreneurship Club and the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Private Capital for this event and opportunity to discuss logistics and climate change♻️🌍

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